Role Models

Growing up I had no role models, no elders, no one to look up to and model my life’s framework after. I didn’t see myself in my teachers or the mothers. I knew no other women, and I certainly didn’t know any Queer Butch Dykes. looking up.jpgGrowing up Catholic, the time came for me to choose my confirmation saint. I flipped through a tiny book assigned by Father K. There! A woman leading charges and standing up to courts and wearing boys clothing! A woman only 19 and burned at the stake for her convictions… Joan of Arc. Only later did I read that she was probably schizophrenic or bipolar, drawing me closer to her after my own mental break and diagnosis.

I’m still searching for good role models and I’m getting closer to finding them. Plus, I have two possible mentorships in the works–an entrepreneur/good heart and an activist/advocate.

Who do you look up to?
Seriously, tell me.




  1. Although it’s preferable to have role models in real life, check out The Wanted Project. They are gender nonconforming women, usually lesbians, who make videos showing the world who they are.



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