The Anxiety Chart – Fill it out

My therapist, who I don’t like much, was finally useful with this little exercise: THE ANXIETY CHART.

I’m not very aware of myself, especially when thing start going poorly. My partner points things out, and I can feel that something isn’t right, but it’s hard to explain or identify.

As soon as I told her that, she whipped out a piece of paper and drew a grid – RED / YELLOW / GREEN on the row headers, EMOTIONS / THOUGHTS / PHYSICAL in the column headers.

We walked through the grid and I talk about my shit (her handwriting, not mine-yuck).

It was really helpful to have this little chart so I wanted to share it with you. Print it out, walk it through, and maybe have someone you knows you really well help out. Good luck, pals!

anxiety chart.jpg

Here what happens to my when I go from green to red. Honestly, green was really hard to fill out because I don’t quite know what my relaxed state is.




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