back on the wagon

I’m sober again with my partner. It’s gonna be easier the second time around.

We quit drinking last October for 7 or 8 months (I even stayed sober through SF Pride!), basically until summer hit and people starting sippin beers outside. The pull was too great. We were both traveling a lot and we just got married—there was reason to celebrate.

But that’s where it got tricky again. Everything was a Thing To Celebrate. I can really pop a bottle of sparkling wine every few days for something awesome and unique that happens to me. I can’t do that anymore..

So I’m back on the wagon with my wife. We’re doing it together. It’s been 4 days, and this time I know we can last longer than the first time around. I want to build (or join) a community from this – I’m not the only one trying to be a good sober queer.

If you’re sober, or trying to be sober – hit me up!
If you’re in Philly – let’s do sober things together! 


One comment

  1. Been sober 22 years. One day at a time.



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