Dreamin of Land

hey y’all,

i’ve been dreamin of land for us out in the country.
i’mdreamin of wide open land with some water runnin through it, with pastures of wildflowers and some trees for shelter and scary nights.

on this land there would be room for you to bring your truck or tent or trailer, and a couple of hookups for water and electric.
i’d have a cabin on the land, and a studio to build everything around us.

we’d grow food out here and have some honeybees and weed and tea.
i’ll start cooking with fire and put Francis Mallman to shame – salt encrusted trout, spit roasted goat, and burnt tomatoes and oranges, resoldo peppers, and roasted pumpkin for days.

maybe some of y’all would stick around for awhile to take care of things. and make that record you’ve been talking about, or that book you’ve been wanting to write, or just fuckin live off the land outside of the city.

that’s what i’m dreaming about now, in my ecosystem of dream worlds.

(I’ll tell you the story of the folks in the photo–Tina and Tammy-another time.)

EGGS Caravan of Love.jpg



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